Film Stalker’s Bottom Five – 2017

As 2017 comes to an end and I reflect back on the cinema that came out this past year, I realize that Hollywood has given us some truly great films and some truly atrocious ones. While I realize that I have not seen many,many films that have come out this year, I would like to use this post to list out the five worst movies that I had the misfortune of watching over the last twelve months. 
Please Note: This is a personal list and all film is subjective. Cheers!

1) The Bad Batch :


This film follows Arlen as she traverses a dystopian wasteland trying to survive the onslaught of cannibals and drug lords only to find love in unexpected places.
One of the worst film to ever be made, this slow and self indulgent film cannot decide if it wants to be a survival drama, a revenge flick or a love story. With a lazy, lethargic screenplay and some of the most indulgent editing in recent memory, this film deserves the top spot as the worst film of the year.

2) Ghost in the Shell :


Adapted from an anime property with the same name, Ghost in the Shell follows a part cybernetic law enforcement operative called Major, as she begins investigating her own past to make sense of  all the visions she has been having lately. The truth that she uncovers is what makes up for the rest of the film.
What was expected to be a faithful adaptation of the rich source material that it claims to be an adaptation of, turned out to be a mess of a film. Fans of the original property were scandalized with the way the original source material was treated, while casual film-goers like me did not care for the sci-fi story the film was trying to tell due to its slow and sluggish screenplay. The only thing that the film got right was the gorgeous visuals of the futuristic world in which the film was set in.

3) King Arthur : Legend of the Sword :


A reimagning of the origin story of King Arthur, this film follows Arthur as he grows up as an orphan in a London brothel. As fate would have it, he learns about his royal lineage once he is all grown up, and sets out to fight for the kingdom and its people against his uncle who had seized the throne and killed his parents when he was just an infant.
The film feels like it is setting up a franchise by touching on many different storylines and mystical themes, but not exploring them enough. De-saturated color pallate, dull unimaginative action sequences, mediocre VFX and lackluster direction by Guy Ritchie makes this one of the most disappointing films of the year.

4) Personal Shopper :


The film follows Maureen, a celebrity personal shopper who is coping with the recent loss of her twin brother, as she tries to make sense of the mysterious text messages that she has begun receiving, about things not known to anyone else but her. Amidst all this, she constantly feels the presence of a paranormal being who she feels is her twin brother reaching out from the great beyond. How all this connects is what the film is about.
Probably the most pretentious and ambiguous film of the year, Personal Shopper cannot decide if it wants to be a crime movie, a film about the paranormal or a drama about loss and suffering. It tries to be all three at once and ends up failing miserably, without managing to give any kind of explanation for all the questions it raises throughout its slow and tedious runtime. A colossal waste of time!

5) Kingsman : The Golden Circle :


The film follows Eggsy, who has become a full fledged Kingsman agent, and Merlin as they investigate the systemic destruction of the Kingsman organization by a faceless enemy. With the help of their American counterpart, The Statesman, Eggsy and Merlin must find out what nefarious designs this sinister organization has in store for the world before it is too late.
The first Kingsman was a unique and innovative take on spy franchises like James Bond and Jason Bourne. This sequel however, squanders all the goodwill created by the first part and makes bizarre choices to take the film forward and ends up being a complete mess. Trying to rehash all the elements that worked in the first film and lack of focus on the main plot makes this film a boring experience.

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