Film Stalker’s Top Five – 2017


As 2017 comes to an end and I reflect back on the cinema that came out this past year, I realize that Hollywood has given us some truly great films and some truly atrocious ones. While I realize that I have not seen many,many films that have come out this year, I would like to use this post to list out the five most enjoyable movies that I had the good fortune of watching in the cinemas over the last twelve months. 
Please Note: This is a personal list and all film is subjective. Cheers!


1) Blade Runner 2049 :




Set some 30 years after the events of the original Blade Runner film, this sequel follows Agent K, a Blade Runner who comes across a rather mysterious artifact during one of his missions. His investigations lead him to uncover terrifying mysteries that could shake the very foundation upon which their civilization is built.

Very rarely does a sequel come that outdoes the original, but Blade Runner 2049 is one such film. Beautifully shot and structured, this film is a true science fiction masterpiece. Its triumph lies in the fact that it can make one appreciate what is unfolding onscreen while contemplating on the various themes that it touches upon. Film Noir at its best!!

2) Logan :




Set in a dystopian future where mutants are almost extinct, Logan and Charles Xavier are living off the radar in Mexico trying to make ends meet. Everything changes when Logan rescues a mysterious young girl who is being hunted by a shady organization in cahoots with the government. Now with a target painted on their backs, Logan must find a way to get Charles and the girl to safety before it is too late.

This is probably one of the best comic book superhero films to be ever made. Director James Gunn’s treatment is so different from regular comic book films that you are bound to get sucked into the world he has created and start caring for all the characters involved in this adventure. The violence depicted in the film is visceral and bloody and not something one would associate with regular comic book films, and this adds to the texture of the film. There are some parts in the film that are so poignant and moving that it can move the viewer to tears. All in all a great watch!

3) Okja :




Twenty genetically modified super piglets that were given by the Miranda Corporation to farmers from different countries to be raised as part of a marketing gimmick are ordered back ten years later to be chopped up and used to create the best pork products in the world. One suck pig is Okja, and the film follows Mija, a young girl who has grown up along side Okja on her farm, as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to take on the heartless Corporation and its exececutives in order to rescue Okja from their clutches.

With a strong protagonist, seamless blend of  VFX and reality, great visuals, a heartwarming story and a strong anti animal cruelty values at its core, this is one of the best films to come out this year.

4) War for the Planet of the Apes :




Marking the completion of the new Apes trilogy, this film completes the journey of Caesar the ape as he embarks on a mission to take the fight to the humans who have wreaked havoc on his kind by needlessly killing many apes as they try to capture them for slavery. How he goes about doing this and how he manages to save the rest of his kind is what makes up for the rest of the film.

This film was immensely satisfying both in terms of story and on a technical level. The epic story of Caesar was brought to a satisfying conclusion in this film and the motion capture performances were brilliant throughout. Hopefully Andy Serkis gets some sort of Oscar recognition for his work here as he is absolutely riveting as Caesar.

5) Thor Ragnarok :




As they try to find their father Odin who is in exile, Thor and Loki inadvertently release Hela, the goddess of death from her ancient prison, thereby putting Asgard in peril. Now Thor must team up with The Hulk, who is also in exile, and reclaim his kingdom and free his people.

This is probably the most fun I have had at the movies all year. Reinventing the character in his third outing, director Taika Waititi brought a touch of freshness to the character of Thor and injected an unique sense of humor to the proceedings, which made this film an absolute blast.

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