Bright – Film Review

Rating : 3 / 5 stars

What’s it about?

Bright is a modern day fantasy action film directed by David Ayer and starrs Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as the lead protagonists.

The film is set in an alternate world where magical and mystical creatures have been living alongside humans since the beginning of time. On his first day back from injury, street cop Daryl Ward is forced to partner up with the first Orc cop in the force, Nick Jakoby, as they set out to patrol the crime filled streets of LA. A routine domestic disturbance call makes them stumble upon the find of the century. As news of this artifact breaks out, every criminal in the city begins hunting Ward and Jakoby in order to possess the artifact for themselves. Now running for their life, Ward and Jakoby must survive the night and protect their possession from falling into the wrong hands.Whether they manage to do this or not makes up for the rest of the story.

What’s Good?

The story and the setting of Bright is very unique. The dirty, grungy alternate world setting, where humans and magical creatures live side by side, is depicted very well. The setup of the story is also done well. The film has many tense dramatic scenes which complements the heavy duty action that is present throughout the film. Since there is a lot of magic and fantasy elements  involved, we dont always get the answers for all the burning questions immediately, and this ensures that an undercurrent of suspense is present throughout the film. But what makes the film truly tick is the chemistry between its lead actors. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton play off each other very well  to create a characters worth caring for and their chemistry sparkles on screen. The buddy cop element in this film is done well and makes the viewer invested in the fate of these lead characters.

What’s Not?

The third act, or the climax to be more precise, becomes simplistic and predictable, reverting to cliched action tropes that one has seen in many an action movie before this. Also, while there is a good amount of world building, the viewer gets a distinct feeling that the film is holding back on many of its fantastical elements, as though saving them up for a sequel. This is a shame as the film could have done with more of these elements in the story to ensure a more cinematic experience. Some of the comedy in the film seem a bit forced. On the technical front, the VFX in some parts of the film is average.


Will Smith as Daryl Ward is the best we have seen him in a long time. With his sharp humour and movie star swagger in full display, Smith is at his charismatic best in both the action and dramatic sequences. Joel Edgerton disappears under prosthetic makeup to play Nick Jakoby, and manages to create a distinct character with his body language alone. Noomi Rapace is good in the action sequences, but is sadly underutilized. Rest of the cast do not get much scope to act, but are good in their respective roles.

Final Word

A good modern day fantasy cop film, this is definitely worth the watch for action/fantasy fans.

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