CoCo – Film Review

Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars

What’s it about?
Coco is the latest animated film from Pixar studios directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina.
When Miguel’s family does not support his dream of being a musician, he runs away to pursue his dream of becoming like his idol, the great Ernesto De La Cruz. However, he accidentally gets trapped in the Land of the Dead on Cinco De Mayo. He must now find his great-great grandfather in order to escape The Land of the Dead before sunrise, or be trapped there forever. Whether he manages to do this is what the film is about.

What’s Good?
The film focuses on family values – the importance of family in ones life and how they can be ones emotional backbone in times of crisis, and does a fabulous job with it. It does a great job in developing the characters of the leads Hector and Miguel, and this makes one invest in their fate and keep rooting for them as they traverse the various twists and turns that the story offers. What is also great is the sense of adventure that is prevalent throughout the film. The film hooks you into its world and even manages to make you cry during the climax.
Visually the film is stunning. The animation is top notch and the Mexican tradition of Cinco De Mayo is explained well to the viewer and brought to life in all its vibrancy.

What’s Not?
The story of the film is predictable. Most of the plot points and twists can be guessed beforehand, due to which the viewer cannot invest in the fate of the characters as much as one would like. But this does not take away from the emotional punch that the film leaves you with by the end of its runtime.

All the voice actors do a great job with their respective characters. Special mention to Anthony Gonzales as Miguel, who captures the innocence of childhood, the yearning of doing something he/she always wanted to do, and the determination to achieve ones dreams, Gael Garcia Bernal, who brings the character of the smooth talking con artist Hector alive and Benjamin Bratt as Ernesto De La Cruz, the musical superstar with a dark secret in his past.

Final Word
A heartwarming tale about the importance of family, this is a must watch for kids and adults alike.

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