Justice League – Film Review

Rating : 2 / 5 stars

What’s it about?

Justice League is the latest film in the DCEU and is directed by Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon . It stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Jeromy Irons and Amy Adams among others.

Following the death of Superman in Batman Vs Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman set out to recruit people with special abilities in order to protect the world from an alien invasion that threatens to destroy all life on the planet. How they manage to do this while trying to battle an enemy that is stronger than them is what makes up for the rest of the film.

What’s Good?

The film does a decent job in giving each of the Justice League members introduction scenes that are worthy of their statures. The assembly of the team and the chemistry that the team members share is also decent. All the heroes have equal screentime and prominence, and the newly introduced characters – Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg – leave a mark. Batman and Wonder Woman are good but do not get that much scope to show off their awesomeness.

There are two action sequences in the first half of the film that has been choreographed well. The cinematography in some places is good.

What’s Not?

The first thing that is apparent while watching Justice League is the sudden loss of its uniqueness. Uniqueness in terms of tone, music, action set pieces and mood. Justice League feels like two films fighting each other for prominence. On one side, there is the darker film that was Zack Snyder’s vision, with broken, brooding characters and action set pieces that seem to pop right out of the comic books. On the other hand we have a light hearted, peppy Joss Whedon film with heroic do-gooder characters and action sequences that feel generic, and whose sole purpose is to show the triumph of good over evil. This clash of vision feels so jarring that by the half way mark, the viewer is disinterested in the proceedings. Characters suddenly become unnaturally chirpy and start delivering one liners that feel out of character. Humor, when used right, has the ability to elevate films. Here, it is mostly hit and miss. The film is very Marvel-esque in its third act, with a weak CGI villain who does not have any significance to the actual story and a finale action set piece that is so generic, that it is forgotten upon leaving the film theatre.

The VFX here ranges from decent to bad, and the background music seems to have lost all its personality. All in all, disappointing!!


All the actors have done a good job given that this is a team movie and there is limited scope for individual performances to stand out. Ben Affleck is a little mellowed down this time around but is still a very good Batman. Gal Gadot continues with the great job she did in her standalone film. Ezra Miller makes for a good albeit slightly creepy Flash, and Jason Momoa has a lot of charisma as Aquaman. Ray Fisher brings a lot of gravitas and seriousness to his role as Cyborg. Rest of the cast is decent in their respective roles.

Final Word

A middling film that suffers from non clarity of vision, this is at the most a one time watch and a huge disappointment for fans of the darker DC universe.

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