Personal Shopper – Film Review

Rating : 2 / 5 stars

What’s it about?
Personal Shopper is a drama film directed by Oliver Assayas and stars Kristen Stewart as the main lead.
The film follows the day to day life of Maureen, a personal shopper to a celebrity fashionista, as she tries to cope with the recent loss of her twin brother. Convinced that her brother wants to communicate with her from the afterlife, she keeps trying to make contact with her brother throughout the film. Her life changes when she starts getting mysterious text messages from someone who seems to know her ever move.
Who is sending those messages? Why are they sending them? and does she finally make contact with her brother? these are some of the questions that the film attempts to answer.

What’s Good?
All the scenes which showcases paranormal activity in the film are done well. They have an eerie feel to them and pique the interest of the viewer. The atmosphere that the film creates through its entire runtime feels real and authentic. It also has a good performance from its lead actor. Other than that, there is nothing much to look forward to in this film!

What’s Not?
The pace of the film is really slow. Too many mundane things are shown like Maureen going shopping again and again which might be important to the story, but brings a certain sense of boredom to the proceedings. The supernatural elements are not explored enough and are purposely left ambiguous and this is frustrating as the viewer does not get any answers despite investing his/her time in the film to get some answers. What starts off as a story about the paranormal turns into a crime story and then ends abruptly without any explanation for the paranormal events or the crime elements in the story. The dialogue seem pretentious and so does the use of silence in conversations.

This is a Kristen Stewart show all the way. The film is centered around her character Maureen and she does an good job. Wearing a permanent scowl throughout the film, one can sense the underlying  grief that her character feels due to the loss of a sibling in most scenes. Other than her there is nobody else in the film who gets more than a couple of scenes and so no one else stands out for their performance.

Final Word
This is a pretentious and consciously ambiguous film that does not have much going for it, and can be watched if one has nothing else to do and wants to kill time.

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