King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Film Review

Rating : 1.5 / 5 stars

What’s it About?
Directed by Guy Ritchie, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a re-imagining of the origins of King Arthur and stars Charlie Hunnam as the titular character.
When Vortigem, the King’s younger brother, seizes the throne of Camelot using deception and black magic by killing the King and the Queen, baby Arthur is bundled into a raft and cast out into the river to keep him from harms way. Found by washerwomen and raised in the brothels of Londenium, he grows up to be a street smart thief. Meanwhile, the tide of the river around the castle in Camelot dips to reveal the lost sword of the King, bringing whispers of a prophecy regarding the return of the true king with it. Through a series of events, Arthur is found out to be that lost heir, and he must then embrace his destiny and wield his fathers magical sword to claim what is rightfully his and in the process bring order and balance to England.

What’s Good?
Every time Arthur holds his father’s sword with two hands, the magic of the sword takes hold pushing Arthur into Bezerker mode and making him invincible. These portions of the film are great to watch, although they give the film a distinct video game feel. Some of the “Guy-Ritchie-style” jokes work. The bond between Arthur and his street urchin friends is shown well.The background score works in places.

What’s Not?
The film is a drag for the most part. The mystical elements touched upon in the film seem interesting but are not developed that much, which is a shame as there really seemed to be something there. The action other than the Bezerker mode is pretty average. The special effects are also quite average. At more than two hours of runtime, this film tests the viewers patience as there is nothing much going on in the film.

Charlie Hunnam makes for a decent Arthur. He has the charisma for the wise guy part of the role, but does not do much when he needs to be heroic. Jude Law gives a deliciously evil performance as Vortigem. Rest of the cast are OK, although there is nothing much for them to do.

Final Word
A forgettable telling of the Arthurian legend, this film can be watched if one has nothing else to do.

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