Patriots Day – Film Review

What’s it about?

Patriot’s Day is a film by Peter Berg based on the Boston marathon bombings.

    In 2013, two homemade pressure cooker bombs were detonated in the midst of the crowd that had gathered to cheer for the Boston marathon athletes. The bombings, the investigation that follows, and the ensuing manhunt for the two terrorists, is what the film is about.

What’s good?

The film puts the viewer right in the middle of all the action, giving a first hand account of the horrific blasts and the pandemonium that follows. It successfully captures the confusion and anger that follows the attack. It also shows us the emotional toll such incidents take on the law enforcement officers tasked with the security of the public.

The occasional use of real life footage of the bombings adds lot of gravity to the scenes.The film has a realistic feel to it, with the action choreography- especially in the first act – being the star of the film. Camerawork and set design is top notch. All in all, a well made film.

What’s not?

The film has too many characters in it and initially it can get a little confusing as to what is happening and to whom. But this resolves itself in the end as the story is neatly tied up. Also, the pace drops and the tension eases up towards the third act of the film. But these are minor flaws which do not take anything away from the overall experience.


Mark Wahlberg, who is also the producer, gives a great performance as a police officer who is struggling to make sense of all the carnage around him, but has to rise up to the occasion because everyone around is banking on him. Rest of the cast play real life characters and do a great job with their roles. This is one of those films that has got the casting for the various roles right.Special mention regarding the two actors who play the role of the terrorists, as they do it with  the right amount of relish and fanatic detachment to the carnage that they have unleashed.

Final Word

An excellent retelling of the horrific Boston marathon bombings, this is a must watch film for film lovers.


3.5 / 5 stars

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