Deepwater Horizon – Film Review

What’s it about?

Deepwater Horizon is a film based on the true events on an oil rig by the same name which was hired by British Petroleum for drilling oil out of the seabed some fifty miles off the coast of Louisiana.

The film follows Mike Williams, chief engineer on the rig, as he embarks on a 21 day shift aboard the oil rig, even as certain events unfold, leading to the complete destruction of the rig and one of the worst oil spills in US history. How this happens is what the film is about.

What’s good?

This film does a great job in setting up the premise of the true life incident in a way the viewers can make sense of, and this is its greatest achievement. Because when things go bad, one can make out why things turned out the way it did and who is to blame for it. The visuals of the oil rig getting torn apart is shot in a way that puts the viewer right in the middle of the action.

Also,the film does a good job with the development of Mark Wahlberg’s character, Mike and his family. They feel like a real family in-spite of the limited screen time spent on them, due to which the viewer is invested in the fate of these characters.

What’s not?

Some of the shots with the drill on fire may look a little too CGI, but other than that, nothing much that this reviewer can think of.


This is one of those rare films where every character, even the extras without any lines, feel like a real person with their own personality. Even though this is a spectacle film, it is this lifelike feel to the characters that make you root for them. Mark Wahlberg as the heroic lead engineer, Kurt Russel as the gruff manager of the oil drill and John Malkovich as the slimy corporate liaison are all equally effective in their respective roles.

Final Word

An excellent disaster movie, this will keep you thinking about the true incident long after it has ended.


4 / 5 Stars

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