Film Stalker’s Hollywood Bottom Five

2016 threw its fair share of horrible films; some bad, some disappointing. Here are the five worst films of the year that I have seen.


The Fifth Wave:


Earth is invaded by aliens in four waves of assault that has broken down all forms of society. While the last remaining humans brace for the fifth wave of assault and plan a counter attack, the outcome of the war will depend on a teenage girl, who must rise to the occasion and save the day.

The worst Young Adult book adaptation, this film tried to recreate the success of The Hunger Games and Twilight but failed on every account. Badly written and badly acted, you don’t care about any of the characters or the plot and just want the film to end.




The third collaboration between Tom Hanks and Ron Howard for the film adaptation of the popular Dan Brown novel, this film finds Robert Langdon waking up from a coma with temporary amnesia, and is plunged straight into the quest to find a mysterious virus that can cause a plague to end humanity, that is being hunted by the authorities and other parties with nefarious designs for it.

The way this film is made sucks all the life and mystery out of Dan Browns story. Amateurishly shot at a lethargic pace, this is a huge disappointment coming from all the talent involved. At the end of the film I did not care about any of the characters and just wanted the film to end.


Suicide Squad:


A group of convicts, some with superhuman abilities, are given a chance to redeem themselves by helping out the government in a covert mission to stop a superhuman from destroying Midway City. As the mission progresses they bond with each other and realize the value of friendship and sacrifice.

This is by far the worst comic book film adaptation so far. It tries to be an action film and a drama and a comedy all a once  and fails miserably. A weak villain, mediocre action, lack of character development, bad editing and the cardinal sin of not giving as much Joker as was promised by the promos, makes this film a frustrating watch.


Independence Day- Resurgence:


Twenty odd years after the events of the first film, aliens attack again, this time with a bigger army and more firepower. However, humanity has been using leftover alien technology from the first battle to build a weapons arsenal of its own to use against any hostile inter space visitors. How the second battle unfolds is what this film is about.

A sequel that not many wanted, this film is a CGI crap-fest without the personality of the first film. Riddled with half developed characters, played by actors with zero charisma and screen presence, this film blunders on from one action spectacle to another, without caring if any of them make sense or not. This film is a failure in blockbuster film making and should be used by film students as an example of how not to write a film.


Gods of Egypt:


The Egyptian god Horus is banished by his uncle Set after being defeated in battle and getting his eyes stolen.Not content with becoming the ruler of all Egypt, Set wants to release Apophis, the god of chaos from its prison onto the world. Now Horus must find his eye with the help of a human in order to fight his uncle and reclaim his throne, and sending Apophis back to its prison.

It is a mystery as to how this film even got made. It is also a mystery how the talented cast even agreed to be a part of this film. Laughably over acted, this film is a snooze-fest from beginning to end. This may however be a little bearable if one is drunk.



Dishonourable mentions: Ghostbusters, Ben Hur, Hail Caesar, Jason Bourne, TMNT: Out of the Shadows

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