The Accountant – Film Review

What’s it about?

The Accountant is an action thriller starring Ben Affleck who plays Christian Wolf, an autistic freelance accountant, who launders money for arms dealers and drug traffickers by the side.

    During one of his legitimate assignments, he finds proof of wrongdoing which he promptly reports to his employer. This starts of a chain of events that puts him on the hit-list of an unknown organisation. But what his would-be assassins don’t realize is that he has a murky past of his own. With the roles of the hunter and the hunted interchanging rapidly with every step, Christian must track down the threat to his life and to that of fellow accountant Dana before it is too late. How he manages to do this, while being hunted by the authorities, is what forms the rest of the film.

What’s good?

The action is excellent. Since the ad campaign for this film was primarily focusing on how this was a competitor to the Jason Bourne series, expectations were high. While not in the same league as those films, this has some unique action sequences. The hand to hand combat sequences are choreographed beautifully and are shot in a realistic fashion.

    Also, while autism is not the main focus of the story, it is certainly part of the protagonist’s persona and the treatment of the subject helps add depth to his character. The flashback sequences relating to this are some of the best bits of the film.

What’s not?

The film does a good job setting up Ben Affleck’s character by showcasing his strengths and flaws in the first half of the film, but the second half does not have enough plot beats to merit such a character. There just isn’t enough story to tell. The third act seems a little hurried and a little too convenient. At the end, the viewer feels a little shortchanged by the lack of story, and this film comes off as just slightly better than the average Jason Statham B movie.


Ben Affleck plays an autistic guy with minimal expressions, and plays it very convincingly. His main strength is action, and he excels in the action sequences. Anna Kendrick does not have much to do in the film. Rest of the cast are all given one note characters and they do a convincing job.

Final Word

One time watch just for the action and Ben Affleck.


2.5 / 5 stars

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