The Visit – Film Review

What’s it about?

The Visit, a film by M.Night.Shyamalan, is about two kids who visit their estranged grandparents for a week.

           Having never met them, both kids jump at the opportunity to meet their grandparents in order to get to know them and in the process find out about the fight that kept their mother away from her parents for fifteen years. As the week progresses the brother and sister duo sense that something strange is happening with their grandparents as they start exhibiting eccentric behavior. Unraveling the mystery behind this forms the rest of the film.

What’s good?

This film is a creepy cabin in the woods thriller, and the choice to shoot this film as a found footage film works greatly in its favour. The mystery and tension that is built up gradually, pays off big time during the third act. Also, both kids are given lot of character and personality and this invests the viewer in rooting for them through this ordeal. And since majority of the film takes place in a single house and its surroundings,  a sense of familiarity and claustrophobia seeps into the frames as the film progresses, making this a good watch..

What’s not?

Most of the film is good, but the ending is a little abrupt and slightly predictable. But these are small issues and do not stand out while watching the film.


All four principal characters are excellent in their roles. The child actors are great and are complemented really well by the actors playing the grandparents. Deanna Dunagan playing the grandmother in particular is very effective in upping the creep factor.

Final Word

One of the better films by M.Night.Shyamalan, this film is definitely worth the watch.


3 / 5 stars

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