Shivaay Film Review

What’s it about?

The film is about the journey of Shivaay, a mountaineer.

        Shivaay leads an idyllic life as a mountain guide in an unnamed picturesque town near the Himalayas. During one such expedition, he meets and falls in love with Erica, a Bulgarian on holiday with her friends. Their brief affair results in an unexpected pregnancy. Erica does not want the child as she has plans for her future, wanting to accomplish something in life. Shivaay however, pleads her to bear it for his sake. Bear it she does, and leaves for Bulgaria soon after, abandoning the child.

     The child grows up and finds out about her mother, and insists on meeting her. This takes the father daughter duo to Bulgaria where she is abducted by child traffickers. How Shivaay goes about finding his daughter in an unknown,hostile country forms the rest of the film.

What’s good?

Ajay Devgan gives the role his all. He goes all out for the role, portraying the angst and helplessness of a man who has lost the only thing in life that matters the most.The two songs Bolo har har and darkhaast are passable.

What’s not?

Where to begin? Almost nothing about this film is good. The first hour of the film laboriously captures the affair between Shivaay and Erica after which shivaay emotionally blackmails her into crushing her dreams and bearing his child. The much talked about action of the film fizzles out as the action scenes have been shot in a manner that completely detaches the viewer from the proceedings. Which is a shame, because the makers seem to have poured money into every frame of the film. Also, the tone of action presented oscillates between realistic and masala-hindi-film-action-hero action.Some of the action makes absolutely no sense.This feels like an 80’s film masquerading as a 2016 film.


Ajay Devgan, as mentioned before is good. The rest of the cast is strictly average.


In spite of the predictable and hairbrained story, the director seems to have some vision to tell his story. However, he does not seem to have used the tools at his disposal properly. The camera work is schizophrenic to say the least. The long shots of the mountains seem to be captured well. But in the action sequences , where strong camerawork was needed to get the viewer invested, some of the scenes look like they were shot by a novice cameraman. The editing is mediocre as well. Scenes feel longer than then need to which in turn tests the patience of the viewer.

Final Word

A boring film that tests the patience of the viewer, a below average action film at best.


1.5 / 5 stars

5 thoughts on “Shivaay Film Review

  1. Movie is not 1.5 stars. You are 1.5 stars. You are #2RsPeople. Don’t you dare say anything bad about Ajay Devgn Sir’s best movie. He is the best.


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